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UK Endo Survey Online medical research platform

Design and creation of a prototype medical research tool aimed to involve citizens in the collection of treatment outcomes and life experiences for pattern matching and analysis.

  • Closed trial conducted amongst UK endometriosis sufferers.
  • Marketing and recruitment of 500 participants in private trial.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Open results format.
  • Successfull trial moved forward to next stage of research product development
  • Full implementation of the GMC registration database to allow for licensed doctor finding, identifying and outcome reporting on a doctor.surgeon-specific level.
  • UK Endo Survey
  • Medical Research, Data Sciences, Charity
  • R&D, Programming, Design, Website, Marketing
  • 2011

The technology developed is available for third party licensing and sponsored open-sourcing for further enhancement.


A simple clean brand and colour scheme. It was decided to keep the colour scheme small as the focus would be data entry and infographic display.

Project Photo Gallery
Promotional Banner Campign

A series of open letters to online support communities provided a great way to introduce the project aims. The code for a banner ad invitation was provided to supporters to place in their forum conversation, personal blogs and email footers.

Hosting Infrastructure

Design and setup of the infrastructure used to operate online classrooms for the UK private tutor market (GCSE revision).

  • UK-based data-centre
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft IIS Server
  • Mail Services
  • Firewall Setup
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Setup of security processes.
  • Management of server maintainance and upgrades.
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