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TakeawayTom Fastfood Ordering Platform

TakeawayTom was launched as the UK’s first fast-food ordering system for local takeaway restaurants. The system was originally trialled as a proof-of-concept within a test-franchise in Lincolnshire. Darryl led website, brand and infrastructue design and development.

  • Your Local Takeaway Ltd
  • Food Services
  • Branding, Website, Infrastructure, Marketing
  • 2006

Designed to appeal to a broad age range of families and students a new online fast-food ordering service was launched as TakeawayTom.

Homepage Animated Tour

As a new concept to the UK, online food ordering required a visual tour to clearly demonstrate how the service worked to make it clear that a customer could order online but still pay at their door or collect from their restaurant.

To see original sketches click here.

Mood Food

This tool was a fun way to get a randomly suggested meal based on a customers mood. For example if feeling angry – a meal with chilli’s would be chosen, or icecream if sad. The early prototype design video and final screenshots are seen here.

The Heat Challenge

A dare-based method of encouraging food orders based on the hot-rating of the spices and peppers. This animated system with sound effects delivered the concept nicely. A meal would be randomly selected from a restaurant in deliver distance of the customers home. This was a pure gimmick for targetting students on social media platforms.

Residential Marketing Campaign

To assist with the launch of the service in UK territories a high-volume print run of a double sided A5 colour leaflet for residential leafleting around participating restaurants. This strategy was also accompanied by local promotional campaigns to win free pizza for a year within local news outlets (newspaper and radio). The original PDF leaflet can be downloaded by clicking here.

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Hosting Infrastructure

Responsible for the design, buying, setup and management of the hosting infrastructure for a fast-food delivery service with custom software for managing the hardware services.

  • 42u self-hosted server-rack
  • Dedicated leased-line into office from NTL (Virgin Media)
  • ISDN Line for 20 concurrent phone lines for faxing (British Telecoms)
  • Multiple Dell Power-edge servers
  • Uninterruptable power-supply
  • Remote KVM Setup
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft IIS services
  • Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway server
  • POP/SMTP mail services
  • Firewall Setup
  • Switch Setup
  • Brooktrout TR1024 Fax board
  • Development of custom fax scheduling software
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