API Programming • Javascript • Mobile Development • PHP • MySQL • Cordova • XCode • Android Studio

Huntfun - Mobile GPS-Based Gaming Platform

Re-development of a browser-based product with a json api platform and a single javascript library running a browser-based version, an Android application and an iOS application for phone and tablet use.

  • Huntfun Ltd
  • Health Fitness, Entertainment, Education
  • Programming
  • 2018
Technical Approach
  • Cloud-distributed linux framework
  • mySQL database
  • Custom JSON API
  • 100% Javascript library
  • Apple iOS Universal App
  • Android App
  • Apache Cordova (OSX Taco Cli) toolkit
  • Apple XCode
  • Android Development Studio
  • Github for version control & job tracking
  • Custom bug-tracker for monitoring service quality in real-time
  • Built for an un-limited number of players (Regularly used for large organised hunts)
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