Xamarin Certified Professional

Mobile Apps, Websites & Software Engineering.

My name is Darryl Leckenby and I have been programming and designing commercially since 1998. This is my online portfolio.

Imagineering, engineering & design

For over 19 years I've been commercially developing websites, mobile applications and software.

I’ve worked commercially within most roles that you’d find in industries revolving around websites, software, start-ups and marketing. From the apprentice junior programmer that makes the cups of tea – to the person that writes technical specifications – to the person who designs the prototypes – to the copywriter – to the tester – to the technical director for several start-ups. This broad range of skill-sets has been learnt hands-on with clients projects in many industries.

This website serves as my professional portfolio.
Darryl Leckenby

I love what I do but my biggest secret is that I’ve already made most of the mistakes so my clients don’t have to!
Hit the ground running
19 years experience goes a long way.

My core specialty is towards mobile applications, software applications and website products.

A client’s long-term successs is important to me and so is business support. I approach all relationships with an ethos of un-biased honesty making it my first duty to support clients in making informed business decisions on how they invest their budgets. I’m still supporting clients I met 15 years ago and it is rare that I’ll have only worked on one project for a company.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development for iOS, Android and Windows, native and hybrid.

I'm Interested in Mobile Apps

Commercial windows software, from handy utilities to bespoke business systems.

I'm Interested in Software Development

Websites from small personal websites to bespoke retail systems or start-up prototypes.

I'm Interested in Business Support
Business Support Services

Legacy software support, prototype design, project management, technical authoring and more.

I'm Interested in Website Development